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More than ever, companies are wondering how they can reach their target groups online in a targeted way. The LinkedIn Showcase Page is an excellent solution to address different, sometimes pointed target groups online. If you want to target different buyer personas, you need to align your marketing strategy with their individual needs. A showcase […]

6 Tips for successful editorial marketing

Editorial marketing opens up the possibility of placing specialist articles, user reports or opinion pieces by experts from companies in relevant media. Many editorial offices are open to PR consultants or companies submitting their own topic suggestions. In this way, specialist articles that are as practical as possible are included in the publications, and the […]


Storytelling has been playing an increasingly important role in content marketing for years. And 2022 will see this principle continue, because personal and human content is more in demand than ever. But even the best story is worth nothing if it’s not promoted in the right way and doesn’t reach the right audience. Across all […]

Marketing resolutions for 2022

In Absatzwirtschaft 12/2021 our question is: What good resolutions should the marketing industry make for 2022? New Year’s resolutions are not enough for me. Marketers should make a roadmap and implement it. Period. Because even if the pandemic doesn’t end, marketing life goes on. The “new” framework is made up of digital, tech and data […]