More than ever, companies are wondering how they can reach their target groups online in a targeted way.

The LinkedIn Showcase Page is an excellent solution to address different, sometimes pointed target groups online. If you want to target different buyer personas, you need to align your marketing strategy with their individual needs. A showcase page on LinkedIn allows you to offer tailored content that continues to link to the main page. You should therefore see it as an extension to your company page.

So, when should you consider a Showcase Page? For example, if you want to permanently highlight selected products or brands, or if you want to put the spotlight on a campaign. To help you decide whether it is really worth the effort for your company, we have summarised the advantages and disadvantages of the LinkedIn focus page here:

Analysis and marketing activities of individual target group
Improved targeting within the customer journey
Increased reach and brand awareness
Community building for a specific product or brand
Focus on a specific product, topic or business area
Improved discoverability of individual services & brand via LinkedIn search
Linking the focus page with other services or products of a company is possible


Increased additional work for content creation
Danger of confusion if several pages are managed in parallel
Only worthwhile from a certain company size
Lives from its followers (therefore one needs an ideal target group)
Can only be assigned to one company page
Employees cannot be integrated (as on the company page)


Once you have decided on a showcase page, it can be created in just a few steps. The prerequisite is that you are a super admin of the company page to be linked.

You can set up to 25 focus pages for your company. You can read how the whole thing works in our instructions:

 Log in to your profile and open the company page. At the top right you will find the option “Create Showcase page” under Admin Tools.

Enter your data in the fields marked with an asterisk. Then click on “Create page”.


Before you set up such a Showcase Page on LinkedIn, however, you should consider the following: does your company have a service, product or product group that you would like to highlight more with customised content? After all, running a company page is a lot of work in itself, which would be doubled if you had to provide the focus page with additional content.

If your answer is clearly “yes”, then the focus page is definitely a great option for you. And with convincing, inspiring content, it becomes a valuable marketing tool for your company.


Only added value. That’s a promise!

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