Marketing Resolutions
for 2022

What good resolutions should the marketing industry
make for 2022?

In Absatzwirtschaft 12/2021 our question is:

What good resolutions should the marketing industry make for 2022?

New Year’s resolutions are not enough for me. Marketers should make a roadmap and implement it. Period. Because even if the pandemic doesn’t end, marketing life goes on. The “new” framework is made up of digital, tech and data on the one hand, and people, purpose and emotions on the other. The great art lies in combining the two sides. We need to bring them together now by collaborating, testing, adapting and evolving in new ways. And in doing so, we need to focus even more on our customers, partners and/or the general public. What is needed is good engagement with both customers and potential employees engagement. How can we achieve this? Only by working differently in marketing than before – whether individuals on a team or an entire organization. In other words, marketers need to acquire new digital skills and ways of working.

Author: Peter Verclas, Managing Partner Nicarus – Agentur für digitale Content GmbH and President of the Marketing Club Rhein-Neckar e.V.


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