Storytelling has been playing an increasingly important role in content marketing for years. And 2022 will see this principle continue, because personal and human content is more in demand than ever. But even the best story is worth nothing if it’s not promoted in the right way and doesn’t reach the right audience. Across all […]


On social media, attention is a highly competitive good. Texts seem to play a subordinate role. They fade into the background, while memes, GIFs and short videos are trending. A reason for this is that the human brain processes visual information faster than information in text form. Anything visual serves as an eye-catcher and stands […]

All About Ephemeral Content

Ephemeral content, text and images that disappear after a time, is one of the biggest social media trends of recent years. Such short-lived content is expected to continue this steep growth path. Here’s an overview of the reasons for the (rightful) buzz over content that disappears and application recommendations for using it. So-called ephemeral content […]